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Release Date: Jan 18, 2008

Catalog No.: SLANG1050102

  1. You/aurora/you/seaside
  2. Christmas In Adventure Parks  
  3. People Magazine Front Cover
  4. If This Hat Is Missing I Have Gone Hunting    
  5. Help To Prevent Forest Fires
  6. I Sold My Hands For Food So Please Feed Me
  7. We Are Safe Inside While They Burn Down Our House
  8. Born Slippy (Nuxx)
  9. Your Endless Dream
  10. Witches! Witches! Rest Now In The Fire
  11. Tick Tack! Goes My Automatic Heart
  12. Lost In The Mountains (Of The Heart)
  13. Coda
  14. Against The Glaciation
  15. Heading Home To The Pole
  16. You're Using All Your Senses, Just For Being Sad
  17. It's Just Friendly Fire
  18. Listen! Those Lost At Sea Sing A Song On Christmas Day  
  19. Green Island Never Turns White
  20. Dear Tempest-tossed! Dear Weakened!
  21. Prelude

Get Well Soon

Rest Now Weary Head You Will Get Well Soon

LP, CD Deluxe, CD

With most artists, you cannot be sure if they truly did try their very best, or indeed, if it was them plus a roomful of producers and music technicians who did, but Konstantin Gropper knew what he was doing. He tried his best and the result was very, very good.

Though the name suggests a group involvement, Get Well Soon is in fact just one man. Konstantin Gropper having studied music in Mannheim, has, over the past three years put his energies into writing, arranging and producing his debut album, on which he played most of the instruments himself.

Taking a breath before embarking on his German tour, I got to meet the lovely chap. Gropper, 25, now living in Berlin, was brought up with a classical music background in the German countryside, a more eclectic music taste developed as he got into the grunge scene with Sonic Youth and The Smashing Pumpkins as a teen, followed by a dusting of goth into indie and in his twenties towards electro. So far, his music has been compared to that of Damien Rice, Muse, Radiohead, Tom Waits and Beirut, but there is also an older energy and quality that hints to days Jacques Brel and Edith Piaf, and even the introduction of people magazine front cover is reminiscent of the opening strains of the Kyrie from Ariel Ramirez's Missa Criolla.

Already described as 'the bastard child of Bright Eyes and Radiohead' Gropper's sound is refreshing to come out of the German music scene, of which its international interest is dominated by electronic music. And as a challenge to the British music scene over the past few years, in which so many pre- fabricated bands have put out a couple of decent songs before letting you down with a mediocre album. Konstantin's writing and arrangement does quite the opposite, he sets a scene and then draws you in whilst beautifully crafting between genres until reaching a final climax.

Seen live, he holds the stage with a seven piece band, consisting of trumpets, violin and backing vocals from his sister Verena a trained opera singer.

One gets the impression that Konstantin knows what he wants and also what his audience want. ''I like bands that sound different live than on the album - I like the process of putting the thing on stage and thats the creative process of the band as well, I always divide the album and (playing the music) live.''

With longevity being one of the most difficult things to accomplish in the music scene, Gropper has been tactical - with a musical knowledge and education similar to Patrick Wolf and his studies in Mannheim of which he said ' I didn't get much help from the musical point of the studying (but) it helped you manage your life as a professional musician' - he is starting to think about the next album, and already has ideas for the artwork, which he does himself.

He talks modestly about his work and its structure, admitting to have certain narratives running throughout his work 'I use a lot of metaphors, especially contradiction between temperature, warm and cold', contradicting imagery the Carribean coast, Alaska' This idea follows in his artwork, creating what he jokingly describes as 'a multi sensory experience.' He states that his lyrics contain no autobiographical aspect, and though he doesn't consider himself an 'emotional' writer there is poetic emotion throughout the album which echoes Smashing Pumpkins' Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness as well as Leonard Cohen, another of his influences.

Considering the Pick n' mix attitude of the downloading industry at the moment, the consistency of his one hour album is refreshing.

With Berlin being considered the bohemian city of the moment, Get Well Soon are its live music ambassadors and you will look forward to seeing them do some european festivals this Summer.